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CEO Greeting

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“A Better Life with Anti-cancer Imunotherapy” CEO of VaxCell-Bio
Je Jung LEE

We are striving to develop Anti-cancer immunotherapy with the motto of ‘A Better Life through Immunotherapy'.
We were established in 2010 by two researchers from Chonnam National University (CEO Je jung Lee , CSO Jun-haeng Ree) with the goal of 'popularization of anti-cancer immunotherapy’. Since the establishment of the company, we have been working hard to develop and commercialize cell-based anti-cancer immunotherapeutic agents, anti-cancer vaccines, and anti-cancer protein drugs.

In practice, we have developed an immune cell therapy using natural killer cells and are conducting phase 2 clinical trials. We have succeeded in developing anti-cancer immunotherapy for dogs for the first time in the world and are taking steps to launch the product. In addition, we will jump into the development of next-generation anti-cancer immunotherapeutic agents, which are a collection of the latest gene manipulation technologies, to become a world-class anticancer immunotherapeutic company. In recognition of these research achievements and efforts in technology, we successfully debuted in the stock market through a technology special case on the KOSDAQ in 2020.

Our motto is “A Better Life with Anti-cancer Immunotherapy”. We hope to create a healthier world together with patients suffering from cancer by rationally supplying anti-cancer immunotherapy drugs, which have excellent effects but have been difficult to select due to economic burden, through our technology. We want to contribute to the improvement of human health by providing a new option for intractable cancer, for which treatment alternatives have been sluggish so far.

Based on the interest and love that you have given us, we will become a world-class VaxCell-Bio.

Thank you